Stylish Kitchen Trends And Ideas For A New Year

Stylish Kitchen Trends And Ideas For A New Year

If you’re thinking of doing some remodeling for your home this year, the kitchen is a good place to start. For the year 2016, the emphasis is placed on simplicity and aims to produce a calm-looking kitchen at first glance but will offer various design surprises when you take a much closer look. Below are some great kitchen ideas that you can consider to use for your home improvement projects this year.

Sleek And Simple

Kitchens that contain a lot of flourishes are slowly going out of style and are making way for clean and simple design trends. With this, simple cabinets and backsplashes are paired with understated colors in order to produce a zen kitchen look. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re no longer going to use accent pieces. Placing a butcher block table at the center of your kitchen or using a brightly painted hood over the range are just two of the ways that you can add a pop to a more monochromatic concept.

Kitchen Interior Design In Austin TXNeutral Colors

Neutral colors such as black, dark brown, taupe, and greige are the top choices for kitchen trends this 2016. Treated wood works well as cabinet door accents that incorporate neutral colors with whites and grays that you’ll find on the walls. You can use light blue or glass tile as your backsplash for a beautiful accent that will catch the light and will open up the your kitchen space.

Superb Function

Even though kitchen trends for 2016 go for a much simpler look they tend make up for it by putting more focus on functionality. Using space in much more intelligent ways is now trendier than ever because it saves you a lot of hassle and allows you to clean up any clutter hanging around your kitchen. Some of the top trends this year include new uses for drawers, storage underneath seats and tables, and new places where you can put or hang your utensils.

Horizontal Cabinets

Square and vertical cabinets have long been the most commonly used types of cabinets in the kitchen. However, this year horizontal cabinets are slowly taking off because they give more sideways space. These types of cabinets are often designed to swing open from the bottom and provide a much wider range of space. Even though they don’t work well in all types of spaces, they offer unique organizational options such as interior spice racks.

Kitchen Interior DesignTechnology Connections

With the dawn of refrigerators that are designed to connect to the internet and the presence of apps for about any type of cooking you want to do, bringing in and connecting your devices inside your kitchen has now become a trend. We can surely expect to see cabinets and shelves that will incorporate tablet stands as well as wires that are hidden from the kitchen mess but are convenient enough to allow you to easily connect your wired or cabled devices.