9 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine embarking on a project with so many decisions and you don’t know where to start. We’ve assembled our 10 ten most frequently asked questions and reason why, AJID is selected time and time again to provide award-wining designs, that utilize a refined process built on a core value of integrity.

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1. How much can we expect to invest in your interior design services?

We’ll create award-winning designs for your home that are curated for you, which means your investment in our services will vary.

Here are some general guidelines of what you can expect:

  • Design investment of 15-30% for remodeling, new construction or furnishing projects $150,000 and below
  • Design investment of 1-15% for remodeling, new construction or furnishing projects $150,000 and above

2. How do you bill for your design services?

Our pricing structure is as follows. We work from a hybrid model, that is a mix of flat rate and retainer. The first Phase, based on a flat rate, includes development of scope, design of plans, and curation of materials and goods. Once everything is designed we switch to a retainer rate model to that includes generating purchasing based on final selections, ordering logistics management, coordination and installation of materials and products.

3. Are you able to take on my interior design project at this time?

It depends. While we take on projects all year long, we never take on a project unless we know we can deliver on time, on budget, and above expectations. Our first conversation with a prospective client is all about making sure we’re aligned on those three things – we don’t move forward unless we BOTH know it’s the right fit.

4. Who handles purchasing of decorative materials and good?

We love finding the perfect curated materials and goods specific to your interior design project. And we provide a variety of turnkey solutions, so that your materials or furniture arrive on time for installation. If there is a delay or issue with your product during the ordering phase, rest assured we are working behind the scenes, communicating with you or your contractor all the pertinent information, so that your project continues to progress.

5. Can you recommend a contractor?

Definitely! And reliable ones too! We love collaborating with our trusted set of contractors who match our level of quality and service. We’ll even go as far as hand-selecting a contractor that fits with your timeline, personality and other variables to implement your vision. Of course, you do not have to work with our trusted contractors, and we encourage you to utilize our contractors for the benefit of your project.

6. Do we need an architect for an interior design project?

Unless you’re adding on to the square footage of your home, manipulating the roof line or moving an exterior wall, you do not need to hire an additional 3rd party. With our interior design license, we can design, develop and stamp our plans for permitting. If your project requires manipulating a load bearing interior wall, we or the contractor will bring in a structural engineer to call out any necessary structural requirements for permitting the project.

7. How long does an interior design project last?

It all depends on the size and scope of your project. The larger the interior design project the more time we need to capture all the details. Remodels, these days with permitting and construction take anywhere from 4-6 months. Imagine when this process is all complete, you get to walk into a home that brings you peace and you’ll want to tell all your friends about us!

8. Why does the interior design process take so long?

We meticulously capture all details when working on a project and we want to ensure that when your project moves into the construction phase, the contractor has everything they need to implement your design project. For furnishing projects, we are at the mercy of the furniture gods, as we jokingly like to say. Different manufactures have different lead times. Larger pieces of furniture take about 12-14 weeks in production. The great news is, is that the wait is worth it for a piece that you are going to live with for decades to come.

9. What is the interior designers role in the construction process?

We like to take an integral role in the construction process. While we’re there to provide the contractor information, we’re also there to be a trusted confidant during a time that can be very disruptive to your sacred space ie your home. We also act as the main liaison, to help set and manage expectations and support both you and the contractor during the building or furnishing of your home. This way you get to focus on what matters to you.

We hope this Frequently Asked Questions was helpful. If you’d like to learn more and speak with Allison, contact us here, we’d love to continue the conversation!