June 6, 2011

My little obsession with seating

I am not sure where this obsession stemmed from but I have to admit I have a thing for chairs. Could it be their unique form mixed with functionality? I’ll let you decide. Here are a few that have jumped out at me during travels.


will own this one day! Found in an antique store in Fredericksburg, Tx. Hand painted and lined with Llama wool. Love, Love, Love. 


This shabby chic little chair would be perfect next to a writing desk. 


These stackable mid-century modern chairs are so versatile and pretty comfortable too. 

Another great mid-century modern example. 


Last but not least:

A museum quality Art Nouveau bench. Unfortunately, the museum where this piece of furniture art is displayed slips my mind but how grand would this look against the wall in a foyer! 


Is there a style of furniture or piece of furniture in your home that you are in love with?

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