January 30, 2012

Lights, Camera, Market. An interior designer’s trip to the Dallas WTC.

Last weekend I took the three hour trek up to the big D (Dallas) for market. For those not in the industry, market takes place at the Dallas World Trade Center every 3 months. It just so happens that my very own state houses the Dallas Market which is the world’s largest wholesale merchandise mart, showcasing apparel, gifts, home and garden furnishings, lighting, and floral and gourmet products. A shopping paradise for designers and retail store owners alike.

My main objective for the trip was to refamilarize myself with the vendors and showrooms that are all housed inside the WTC. My second objective was to get in some bonding time with my four peer designers that accompanied me. Last objective, take advantage of free food, booze and ridiculously inexpensive jewlery in the Cash&Carry section. Five dollar necklaces—bring it on!

I decided to document my explorations using my iPhone. It was clear after the first day, that my favorite section in the market was the West wing, which was dedicated to 2.5 floors of lighting. Please excuse the limitations of my phone camera.

Here are some of my favorite finds of market:

First ever commissioned Missoni Light:

Hey, that chandelier is bigger than YOU!:

Just stunning…yes that’s Swarovski Crystal

Perfect for a central Austin backyard:

Fun pillows:

Gorgeous silver filigree mirrored trays:

Well that about sums up my fav finds at Market. I’m counting down the days till I go back in June. Next stop, Roundtop Antique Fair in Roundtop, Texas.

Happy Monday- Allison, Allison Jaffe Interior Design

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