City Wide Garage Sale Finds

City Wide Garage Sale Finds

Hi All, it has been waaay to long. I got swept up in a remodeling storm. Lots of great projects under way, like a kitchen and master bath remodel in Great Hills and a kitchen remodel in Westlake. The same home that I did the fireplace remodel, check it out here:Weston Lane.

One of my favorite past times is going to the City Wide Garage Sale every 3-6 months with my best shopping buddy, mom.

I mostly go to window shop and dream about having a huge storage unit to collect decorative odds and ends for my clients looking to layer their home with interesting collectables. Of course, some of my favorite items are funirture, chairs to be more specific. Though, I did see a large mirror that I was tempted to purchase for $45-$50, in which I would of spray painted the gold frame with a bold color like fuschia or lime green. Instead, I settled for photos.

Here are a few of my snap shot finds:

Although these chairs are wood veneered over plywood, I just love their shape. All they need is a little reupholstred fabric love and they would look great in a sitting room or at the end of a dining table.

Sorry for the burry photo, but you can find glass demijohn vases all over the place now. They tend to range in price from $45-$100 depending on the size. I happen to love the colors they come in like blue and green. See here how I’ve decorated this living room coffee table with a turquoise blue demijohn.

My mom and I just loved these grouping of 4 red diner bar stools. I could see myself walking into an old fashion diner and sipping on a malt shake while twisting on this stool. Could you? To repurpose them, I would set them in a kitchen along an island.

Produced around the turn of the century, the last century, is a cast iron sewing stool made by the Singer Company. Though the company manufactured mostly table top sewing machines, a stool such as the one below was also manufactured. The Singer brand name is casted into each metal leg and the entire base has a hard shiny black finish with a walnut seat. History at its best!

Last I could not help fall for the pair of side tables, for a mere $200-$300, ha. Regardless of your style preference, these white lacquered laminated side tables would add the perfect modern punch to your living room sitting next to your sofa. The shape alone is sleek and refined.

Flea markets, garage and estate sales are some of the best places to find special decor pieces for your home and there is always a great story attached. And if there isn’t, well, I give you creative license to make one up. What are some of your finds?

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