Interior Design For Outdoor Living?

Interior Design For Outdoor Living?


Creating Cozy Outdoor Living Spaces

Interior design for outdoor living spacesAs an Austin Interior Designer, sometimes we take it outdoors. Your home’s outdoor living space doesn’t have to be of use during the summer only. Here in Austin, there is no reason you can’t enjoy it all year long. All you need to do to be able to enjoy your outdoor living space during the winter months is to add a bit of “warmth.” Below are some useful ideas on how you can keep yourself comfortable when the temperature starts to drop.

Installing An Outdoor Fireplace

A very important element to keep in mind for your outdoor living space when temperatures start to drop would be a fireplace. Your fireplace doesn’t have to be built into the interior wall. You can have them placed just about anywhere and finding and creating a location for it isn’t that difficult.

You can construct a small outside wall so that you can have your fireplace setup where you want it. Various styles of “stand alone” fireplaces, like the one shown in the picture below, can be used as well.  These don’t involve building with stone or brick and can be very flexible in where they are placed. These are often placed near or under outdoor canopies. They can keep you warm even when the weather becomes quite chilly. If you have ever spent any time around a campfire even when temperatures are quite low, you can remember the warmth and feeling of peace you get just facing the fire and enjoying the company. There’s just something about an open flame that a giant space heater can’t provide.Interior Design for Outdoor Living

Finding Warmth In A Hot Tub

One of the best ways to fend off the cold is with a hot tub. Picture yourself dipped in the hot tub where the water is set at a comfortable temperature while the cold air blows through your hair. There is nothing like being able to take a nice warm “swim” and enjoy the company of family or friends in frigid cold weather.

Add A Canopy Cover

Heat rises and fills up a covered space. Building or installing a canopy over a place where you have a fireplace or an outdoor heater will help you contain the heat that they produce.

When the weather starts getting cold outside, you don’t have to abandon your back porch or patio. Instead, make something that’s going to make you want to go outside no matter the weather.

“Interior design” doesn’t just have to be restricted to the inside of your home. We can help you plan for your outdoor living areas as well. Give me a call and let’s see what we can do together.