November 11, 2016

Appliance Showdown: Which Manufacturer Reigns Supreme!?

There’s no doubt about it, I can now officially call myself an “appliance guru.” I was thrilled when two top US appliances companies, Thermador and Jenn Air flew me to their headquarters to review their new, state of the art kitchen appliances. 

So whose products cooked it best? To be fair both companies excel in the luxury appliance market. My favorite appliance from Thermador is their Freedom Induction Cooktop. If you know me, I am a huge proponent of induction cooking. Tidbit: Did you know induction cooking has been around and used on submarines since the 1950s.

My top pick from Jenn Air, is their 24″ Convection Steam Wall Oven. You can cook multiple foods at once without being concerned about smell or taste transfer. While experimenting in their test kitchen we made a batch of chocolate chip cookies right beside salmon fillets and they were perfection. Tidbit: More home owners these days are forgoing their microwave in lieu of these fabulous steam ovens. Thats right, move over soggy reheated microwave pizza, your competition has arrived!

Next month, I’m being flown to the Bosch showroom in Newport Beach, California, to play with their appliances. I cant wait!

Do you have an upcoming kitchen remodel or are you in the market for new appliances? Call the office and I’d be happy to chat away about these company’s latest and greatest.

Top: Thermador/Bottom: Jenn Air
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